Gena Tew’s Vision Partially Restored After Surgery While Battling AIDS

Famous Instagram model Gena Tew must be really thankful to health workers after her sight was partially restored through surgery.

The socialite has been in a battle to stay alive ever since she was diagnosed with AIDS. However, she is now hopeful of winning the fight against the disease after doctors were able to partially restore vision in her left eye which had gone totally blind.

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Gena Tew
Picture Credit: @tewgena, Instagram

Gena revealed to TMZ that she had undergone a procedure on her eyes last Thursday in Memphis and can now see shapes. She also revealed she is now regaining some weight after dropping a whopping 65 pounds at the peak of her battle.

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She also revealed that despite losing all hopes after she was diagnosed with the deadly disease, she is now hopeful looking at the recent progress in her health and therefore will not be giving up on life. Gena has also stated that she wants to become the light at the end of the tunnel for others who are equally going through the battle of living with AIDS.

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