How Did Marsha Zazula Die?

How did Marsha Zazula die? Marsha Zazula death was very painful, and it came as a great surprise to her family and friends because her husband died a year ago.

Marsha was born on April 21, 1952, and died on January 10, 2021, in Florida, United States.

Marsha Zazula married Jonny Zazula, and they founded Megaforce Records at the front end of a heavy metal wave and gave Metallica, Anthrax and other pivotal bands their start.

The world of music owes a debt of gratitude to Marsha Zazula, who along with her husband Jon gave birth to some of the most musically significant artists. Marsha was one of a kind and taught the world to be fiercely independent. In our hearts,she’ll always be a guiding force,” the label tweeted.

According to Rikki Zazula, their daughter, both her father and mother lived an impactful life, had a passion and created the most influential metal bands. In a Facebook post, she wrote;

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Our father and mother were a powerhouse partnership in love, life, and business. Together they believed in the unbelievable, their passion, rebel perspective, and persistence built an empire from a box of vinyl in a flea market – into a multi-platinum selling record label, management company, and publishing house. Although we are devastated he is gone, they are finally reunited. And it feels impossible to imagine a world without him in it. For all of us who knew and loved him … by the way… keep it heavy! RIP daddy you will truly be deeply missed, but, never forgotten…your LegaZ will live on forever, not only in us and your grandchildren but, in every headbanger on this planet for all of eternity!

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How did Marsha Zazula die?

Marsha Zazula died from cancer at her Florida home on January 10, 2021.