Hunger Is Forcing Many People To Become Fake Pastors – Prophet Kofi Oduro Reveals

The leader and founder of Alabaster International Ministries has said that in recent times many people are going into the ministry of God just because they’re looking for money and not just because they have been called by God.

The controversial clergyman said that the emergence of the novel Coronavirus in the world has exposed all fake men of God because their stickers, anointing oils, water and many others weren’t able to heal a single Codvid-19 patient.

Prophet Oduro asked all fake men of God to leave the ministry for real men of God to do the work of the Kingdom.

Speaking in a live Facebook session he said: Any young man who gets up and is unable to find a job picks the Bible and say me too I am a pastor and they go about cheating people and misbehaving all over the place.

”Because of these kinds of pastors that negativity is now associated with the Church as you hear of pastors who are fraudsters and who sleep other people’s wives or bath them in a church which is alien to the Gospel of Christ”, he added.

This clearly points to the fact that even they in the ministry have realized that some of them are fake.