kennedy agyapong and ibrahim mahama

Hypocritical Nature Of Kennedy Agyapong Exposed As Video Of Him Vowing To Jail Ibrahim Mahama And Later Praising Him Pops Up

Maverick member of Parliament Hon. Kennedy Agyapong has incurred the wrath of Ghanaians following a video of him that has surfaced online.

At the beginning of the video he was heard vowing to jail Ibrahim Mahama and adding that if he is unable to do so he will poison himself.

But fastfoward at the end of the video the same person was heard applauding Ibrahim Mahama for being able to manufacture the first Ghanaian owned cement in the country.

Apparently the video was a merger of two different times he spoke about Ibrahim Mahama. The first video had him stating emphatically that Ibrahim Mahama was a murderer who needed to be arrested.

The question most netizens are asking is that has the evidence Kennedy claimed to have against Ibrahim suddenly disappeared?

Watch the video below;