I Give You 24hrs To Bring Moesha Bodoung Back To Normal – Ayisha Modi Threatens Pastor Gabriel

Media person Ayisha Modi has given Moesha’s pastor Gabriel 24hrs to bring Moesha Bodoung back to normal if not she would make the country hot for him.

Ayisha Modi reacting to the recent development in relating to Moesha’s repentance and how bad she’s looking now dared the pastor in charge of her to bring her back to normal within the next 24hrs or she would make things difficult for him.

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image result of Moesha Boduong
Moesha Boduong

Ayisha Modi in her post warned the pastor to stop putting cameras on Moesha and record her because no one wants to see that and they won’t allow him to destroy their precious sister for his own gain.

According to Ayisha Modi, she’s prepared to fight pastor Gabriel spiritually and physically and expose him to all the bad things he’s being doing if within the next 24hrs he doesn’t bring Moesha back to normal.

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Ayisha Modi added that if he doesn’t want her to tell the world what exactly is going on, then he should respect himself and bring Moesha back to normal in the next 24hrs or he will have to deal with her and she will make Ghana hot for him.

 I give u 24 hours to bring Moe back if not Ghana will be too hot for u. Dare me! I have been very quiet 🤐 about a lot of things going on. Don’t let’s us fight this spiritual fight Biko. Noone touches anybody around me I Repeat with so much boldness No one touches anything that belongs to me. If u have ears listen wai

a part of her post read

post below;

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