‘I Had to Teach Him a Lesson’ – Obibini Speaks After Winning Rap Battle Against Amerado

Obinini has spoken for the first time after his lyrical altercation with fellow rapper Amerado days ago.

Speaking to Zion Felix in an interview after the release of ‘Carcass’ to which Amerado is yet to reply after they went head-to-head with ‘Deceased’ and ‘The Throne’ respectively, Obibini said he decided to chart this path because he wanted to teach his younger for a bitter lesson musically.

He also disclosed that he didn’t need to listen to ‘The Throne’ before putting out a perspicacious reply in the form of ‘Carcass’.

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“I was asleep. I woke up and heard Amerado has replied. I didn’t even listen to him. So I just felt like using him as an experiment to prove something. I don’t need to listen to him. There’s nothing he would say that would impress me. It’s a done deal. Amerado is a student.”

He said Amerado was a big fan of his, so it beats his imagination that today trying to engage him in a beef.

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He said, “I know you, Amerado, I know you. In Kumasi, you were by my side in your hoodie in the afternoon, begging for a pic. I was the guy you looked up to. So, where is this ego coming from? He needs to be taught a lesson.”

Obibini expressed his appreciation for the publicity and PR this rap battle fetched him. But warned Amerado to desist from such blatant disrespect.

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He continued, “God wanted me to use him as a doormat for my own benefit. Thanks to him, though. Many things, not just hype. It could be one, and to prove a point. He is a child. You don’t just wake up and go on TV and say stuff.

“Basically, I am just having fun. I am not into this at all,” Obibini concluded.

Source: Kingaziz.com