I Will Expose Your Secrets If You Dare Interview Afia Schwar About Mzbel Again – Adu Sarfowaa Warns Zion Felix

Controversial socialite Adu Sarfowaa has dragged blogger Zion Felix into the mud after he asked Afia Schwar questions about Mzbel on his show.

It’s no news that Afia Schwa and Mzbel who used to be friends are now enemies. The reason for their break in the relationship is unknown but the two drag each other at the slightest chance.

After the interview, Mzbel took to social media to lambast Afia Schwar and Zion Felix over the insults rained on her during the show.

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In the midst of the brouhaha, Adu Sarfowaa has come out to warn Zion Felix never to interview Afia Shwar over any issue concerning Mzbel because she will take the opportunity and expose his dirty secrets about him and his baby mama, Minalyn.

“Dear @zionfelixdotcom, I respect how far you have come, kudus but I am promising you that, the next time you grant Abena Agyeiwaa Aka fufu funu interview about @mzbeldaily again, I will go live for 1 hour and tell the world what your make up artist Bby mama I helped in getting a child n she never showing gratitude to me said consistently about you. It’s dirty my brother I swear I will break you. Don’t dare 🙏

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@zionfelixdotcom I know you will be smiling reading this because @mzbeldaily & your make-up artist grandma Bby mama said a lot of evil of me which u know but I don’t care 🙏, you have to stop what you are doing to @mzbeldaily, we all must respect the aged regardless 🙏

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@zionfelixdotcom I ve come to your WhatsApp on good occasions that add respect to yourself & hey work on it 🙏

U can block 🙏 I will block too”.



Source: Kingaziz.com