“If You’re Ready Come Let’s Face-Off, What Have You Even Achieved As A Rapper” – Amerado Dares Obibini (Video)

Rapper Amerado has dared fellow rapper Obibini to reply to him in the studio if he feels offended by a verse he dropped on the Tim Westwood session.

According to Amerado, he does see what Obibini has achieved as a rapper for him to be claiming that the Kumeraica rapper has offended him by drooping the lyric “wudini” on Tim Westwood TV.

Amerado has explained that the lyric “wudini” which Obibini has taken exception to was just a rap line. According to him, he was not targeting Obibini or whoever when he dropped that line.

Speaking to Mz Gee on TV3, Amerado fumed by stating that Obibini “has not yet reached” thus he does not understand why he finds the verse he dropped on Tim Westwood TV  offensive.

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Earlier, Obibini, who has the trademark line “wudini”, had replied to Amerado by stating that he is ahead of the game so he (Amerado) can rap his lungs out but can never be as great as he is.

Check out the video below;

But Amerado has explained that he did not make an appearance on a global stage as Tim Westwood TV to sub Obibini so he does not understand why the rapper is making a mount our of molehill simply because he dropped the word “wudini.”

Amerado has dared Obibini to hit the studio and reply to him if he still feels offended. To him, he does not see what Obibini has achieved as a rapper for him to be claiming that he has been disrespected by him (Amerado).

“I didn’t mention Obibini’s name, but if he doesn’t like what I said, he should go to the studio and diss me. What has he achieved more than me? He shouldn’t get me pissed. What has Obibini done in this world?

“What has Obibini done in the world? He should just support a young guy trying to elevate Ghana. Why is he not talking about the fact that I was so selfless, and I mentioned almost everybody’s name trying to project our Ghanaian music to the world? Did I even go straight at somebody?” he continued.

Amerado said he is not scared of beef, so he would have taken a swipe at Obibini if he had wanted to.

Obibini has released a track called “Wudini” which look like a d!ss to Amerado.

Check it out;


Source: Kingaziz.com