I’m Getting Closer To My Grave, Be Kind To My Kids When I’m Gone – Joyce Dzidzor Mensah Drops An Emotional Farewell Note

Former HIV/AIDS Ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has taken to her Facebook page to drop a very teary note as she suggests that she’s nearing her grave.

The Ghanaian actress, singer (we are yet to see any movie or song she has dropped though), and Facebook influencer disclosed that she feels weaker by the day and is urging Ghanaians to be kind to her children when she is no more.

Recounting the pain she has been through living with HIV, Joyce disclosed that she was diagnosed in 2007.

She stated;

“…..And when I started educating people on HIV, I encouraged others but always cried in silence after my talk….I maintained s smiling face so that most people with HIV will derive some strength from me. I have been admitted to the psychiatric hospital in Hamburg on 4 occasions. 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019 all in a psychiatric hospital for major depression.

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Due to my constant admission, my son Prince was taken away from me. But now I’m weak…Please be kind to my children when I’m no more. Do not treat them badly for my mistakes. God bless you all,” she wrote.

Joyce was recently in the news when she told Ibrahim Kwarteng of Crime TV fame in an interview that her life literally plummeted after she decided to come out with her HIV status for which reason she was made the HIV/AIDS ambassador.

Amidst tears, Joyce told him that the stigmatization she and her kids are going through owing to her bad own decisions has grounded her life.

“I am still strong and beautiful as a result of how good I take care of myself.” She told Mr. Ibrahim Kwarteng.

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Her interview is on the heels of her recent encounter with the media where she conducted a live HIV test on national TV.

Recall the actress and part-time singer who stormed Ghana from Germany to undergo the test to clear the doubts of some people who insist she’s still a bearer of the incurable disease.

The mother of three said the decision she took to declare her positive status and become an AIDS ambassador just to secure a better future some years ago is now doing more harm than good to her children.

“My children are going through a lot, they cannot go to school; I recall one day my son came home from school saying that I should stop the HIV project because they call him the ‘AIDS boy’ in school.

“Just recently, my daughter, who got admission into a school, was sent home because according to a mail sent to me by the authorities they read on the internet that I have HIV. My question is should a child be denied access to education because of HIV even if it is true?

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“Yes, I made a mistake by taking on this task and I didn’t know it will hurt my children this way. My children do not have anything in their blood. I want my life and my children’s back and that is why I am going to all these lengths to clear the air.

“I have not stolen any money like has been rumored, my children have a life to live, they should not suffer for a decision I made,” she said in tears at a presser at the Press Centre in Accra shortly after the test was conducted.

Source: Kingaziz.com