Intruder Arrested At Drake’s New Home, Claims Rapper Is His Dad

A man has claimed that he is Drake’s son after Cops detained him at Drake’s brand-new home.

Cops were called to the rapper’s Beverly Hills-near estate last Friday when a staff member spotted someone near the pool house, the LAPD told TMZ. Police questioned the 23-year-old, who said that Drake, 35, was his father and that he was simply waiting for him to return home. But, obviously, the police weren’t buying it.

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The man was detained for trespassing, a misdemeanor, although according to reports, he never entered the house. A few months ago, Drake paid $75M for the mansion, purchasing it from “Take That” singer Robbie Williams.

According to reports, Drake wasn’t at home when it happened. He has been visiting Sweden, where he reportedly had his own run-in with the law, as we previously reported. Drake’s team initially denied the reports but the rapper in an Instagram post shared a legal document he had received from authorities in relation to the said arrest.

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