Is Roman Reigns And The Rock Related? Is Roman Reigns An Indian?

Leati Joseph Anoa`i “Roman Reigns” was born on 25 May 1985 in Pensacola, Florida. He is a professional wrestler and a former professional gridiron football player from America.

Joseph schooled at Pensacola Catholic High School and Escambia High School before going on to acquire a degree in management at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Anoa`i played three years of High school football at Pensacola Catholic High School and one year at Escambia High School. He was a member of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team.

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Roman Reigns
Credit: WWE

As a member of the Anoa`i member, He is a cousin to former professional wrestlers, The Tonga Kid, Umaga, Rikishi, Yokozuna, and first cousin once removed to The Usos.

He is signed to the WWE where he performs under the ring name Roman Reigns under Smackdown.

Roman Reigns is the current and longest-reigning WWE Universal Champion, as well as the WWE Champion, making him the Undisputed Champion of WWE.

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Is Roman Reigns And The Rock Related?

Roman Reigns and The Rock are related as they are both parts of the great Anoa`i family that is known to have produced some great wrestlers.
However, their relationship is not by blood.

This is how they became related: Amituana’i Anoa’i, the grandfather of Roman Reigns, declared Peter Mavia his brother and made him a part of the great Samoan clan.

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Since that day, Peter Mavia, the grandfather of Dwayne Johnson, became the uncle of Sika, the father of Roman Reigns. Hence, all the descendants of Peter Mavia also became a part of the Anoa’i family.

Is Roman Reigns An Indian?

No, Roman Reigns is not an Indian. His lineage is from Samoa.