Is That A KVIP Facility? – Ghanaians Roast Akufo-Addo After Shamelessly Flaunting A Tiny Building As A New Health Facility

Social media users are tearing into President Nana Akufo-Addo following a post on social media to brag.

The account on Facebook of Nana Akufo-Addo could be the most irritating account to be, as that’s the place where his team attempts to execute their pathetic public relations strategies.

Despite the hardships in Ghana, the President’s Facebook feed could give you the impression that we live in a paradise.

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In a recent post on the internet, Akufo Addo has shared an ugly building, an attempt to boast about his achievements as a government.

The building is said to be one of the few new health facilities the government claims it has built within the Northern part of the country.

But, the users of social media are not thrilled by the content they’re seeing.

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The building was described as KVIP by some and as a ‘shed by others.

One commenter described the building as being a KVIP facility’, while US-based Ghanaian journalist Kevin Taylor also jumped into the conversation to attack the President.

Kevin Taylor wrote: “Will you love to be admitted in this shed in case you fall sick ? A veterinary clinic in my neighborhood is even befitting than this Trust me if this was even a veterinary in my neighborhood, nobody will send their pets there. You are an embarrassment Kwaku Addo!

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The other remarks on the post are of the same vein and include a lot of angry Ghanaians throwing their hats at the President.

Check out screenshots of the post and reactions below;