It’s Not Supposed To Be Your Problem – Mugeez To Those Chastizing Sarkodie For Not Replying Their Calls And Messages (Video)

Musician Mugeez has advised those chastizing Sarkodie for not replying to their calls or messages, saying it’s not supposed to be their problem in the first place.

Mugeez in an interview said Sarkodie might have his reasons for not answering their calls or replying to their messages, and it’s not their problem to know his reason, hence they should stop making it a big deal.

According to Mugeez, he hasn’t had such experience that most artists are complaining about with Sarkodie but he believes there’s a reason why all that happened and it’s not in the place of these artists to know why.

According to Mugeez, all these artists accusing and chastizing Sarkodie over that need to put that behind them and move on with their life and career instead of trying to know the reason why he does that.

Sarkodie isn’t the first person to ghost someone on calls or messages as most people do that almost every day but the fact that he’s a public figure, he’s expected to pick every single call that comes through and reply to every single message he gets.

But these people complaining and chastizing Sarkodie seem to forget that he’s human and can forget his phone somewhere and moreover he has his daily life and can’t answer every single call or message that comes through.

Watch the video below;


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