‘It’s Quite Embarrassing Especially Seeing Celebrities Posing With Their New iPhone’ – Efia Odo

According to her, a person having money and buying an iPhone is not an accomplishment in life that needs to be celebrated and given much attention like how Ghanaians are doing.

She made this known in a recent post she made on her verified social media handle on the popular social media platform, Twitter.

In the post, she revealed how she is baffled by these acts by Ghanaians. The post she made reads;

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“Why is acquiring the latest iPhone such an accomplishment to many Ghanaians? This really baffles me and I need answers cuz it’s quite embarrassing especially seeing “celebrities” posing with their new iPhone.”

'It’s Quite Embarrassing Especially Seeing Celebrities Posing With Their New iPhone' – Efia Odo

The post she made got the attention of social media users and some reactions the post got are;

@zwenis_ – If you want to talk to Nana Aba talk to her directly don’t pass through the corners

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@kojo_wale – No disrespect buh u have been showing off bikinis too. Are they expensive than those iPhones. Only if we can mind our business

@mikeydarko_ – Just can’t fathom… Ah se s3n iphone 13 turn biggest flex on this side ah. Well let me shut up with my huawei

@efiaodoba – She didn’t mention anyone name tho some of y’all taking this advantage to allow the hungry bloggers to blog shiitttt about this smh can’t u share ur opinion without tagging someone??

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@NoYawa_ – Oh but it’s not just in Ghana. People outside sometimes pre-order so they can be part of the first few to use it. They actually feel proud of doing so.
It’s all about preference. Someone can deem something worth +10000ghs as a valuable property. Let them be.

Source: Kingaziz.com