Jamie Dimon Parents: Theodore Dimon, Themis Dimon

Jamie Dimon is one of the most famous and intelligent leaders who has played a crucial role in the success of JPMorgan Chase. He is the CEO and Chairman of the company and has over the years transformed it into one of the world’s largest and most renowned banks.

Jamie is a charismatic leader, known for creating strong confidence in employees, clients, and other company leaders.

His ability to sketch a picture of the type of business he wishes to govern and the principles guiding his life at work make subordinates confident about the company’s mission statement.

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Jamie Dimon Parents: Theodore Dimon, Themis Dimon

Jamie Dimon runs JPMorgan Chase & Co., the largest bank in the U.S. in terms of assets. Jamie is considered the world’s most powerful banker and a legend in the financial world.

Theodore Sr. Dimon and Themis Dimon are his parents. Jamie’s parents stayed as a couple till death laid its icy hands on them in 2016 as a result of cancer.

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Theodore and Themis Dimon

Theodore Sr. Dimon

Theodore Sr. Dimon (Ted Sr.) is the father of the legend in the financial world, Jamie Dimon. Theodore worked as a stockbroker at Shearson Hammill & Co. with his father, Jamie’s grandfather, Papadimitriou.  He also worked as an Executive Vice Chairman at American Express.

Ted Sr. was a Veteran Wall Street broker. He died on June 5, 2016, after battling cancer.

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Themis Dimon

Themis Dimon is the mother of an American billionaire businessman, Jamie Dimon. Themis was a moralistic individual who groomed her sons to be ethical and value morals.

Jamie once wrote an essay on Shearson’s meager when he was in Tufts; his mother sent his paper to Sandy Weills, who hired him to work at Shearson during one summer break to do budgets.

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