Jeff Pyle Children: Lauren Pyle, Katie Pyle

The American politician and educator, Jeffrey P. Pyle was born on 30 August 1964 in Kittanning, Pennsylvania.

Butler served as a Republican member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives from 2005 to 2021.

Jeff Pyle
Jeff Pyle

Pyle held a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from West Virginia University and a Bachelor of Science in secondary social studies education from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

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He taught American history and government at Ford City High School and became mayor of Ford City, Pennsylvania in 2004.

Pyle has been a longtime resident of Pennsylvania and a kidney cancer survivor.
He is survived by a wife, Michele, and two daughters.

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Jeff Pyle Children: Lauren Pyle, Katie Pyle

Lauren Pyle and Katie Pyle are the two daughters of former Representative Jeff Pyle.
They were born to him by his wife of over two decades Michele Pyle.

Laurie who is the older of the two daughters is 25 years old and lives in Boston, Massachusetts.
While her younger sister Katie who is 23 years old lives and works in Ashburn, Virginia as a teacher.

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They both lives very private lives so do not have much of their personal details available to the public.