Jeremy Renner Facially Bruised As He Shares ICU Images Following His Snow Plowing Accident

Famous American actor, Jeremy Renner is slowly getting back to his feet after a devastating snow-plowing accident ended him in the ICU.

The Avengers star was airlifted to a medical facility after he was crushed under his snow plowing equipment while plowing snow to allow his family to leave his Tahoe residence.

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Jeremy Renner

In a series of images shared recently, the actor was seen resting in the ICU with bruises all over his face.

In a post that has since gotten his fans tearing up, Renner wrote, “ICU spa moment to lift my spirits. Thank you mama. Thank you sister. Thank you all for your love.”

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Jeremy Renner may not be alive today but for the quick thinking of his neighbor who rushed in to see the Hollywood star bleeding and gave him first aid.

According to his reps, the actor suffered from blunt chest trauma among other injuries. Jeremy Renner underwent a successful surgery and is now slowly healing.

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