Jody Miller Husband: Who Is Monty Brooks?

Myrna Joy “Jody” Miller was born on 29 November 1941 in Phoenix, Arizona.
She was an American country music singer.

Miller’s father was a mechanic who divorced her mother when she was eight years old.
She left Los Angeles where she was growing up after her parents divorced to live with her grandmother in Blanchard, Oklahoma.

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Jody Miller
Jody Miller

Jody had four older sisters. She attended Blanchard High School.
At the early stage of her career, she appeared in Tom Paxton’s television series as a folk/pop singer.

Her first album, “He Walks Like a Man”, was released in 1964 to modest success.
Miller later produced hits like “Baby I’m Yours,” and the grammy-winning “Queen of the House”.

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She was inducted into the Country Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 1999.
Miller died on 6 October 2022 at the age of 80.

Jody Miller Husband: Who Is Monty Brooks?

Monty Brooks was the husband of the late country music singer Jody Miller.
They were married from 1964 until Monty died in 2014.

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Monty and Jody had children notable among which is Robin Brooks Sullivan.

There is very little information about Monty Brooks.