Johnny Depp Pushes Back on Amber Heard, Says $10 Million Verdict Was Fair

Johnny Depp is mocking Amber Heard’s attempt to get his jury verdict overturned on the grounds that it was excessive, retorting that the $10 million judgment represents the loss he truly endured as a result of her defamation.

According to Johnny’s attorneys, there is ample proof that he was unemployed after Amber’s op-ed appeared in the Washington Post back in 2018. He didn’t make an appearance in a studio production until October of 2020. The attorneys claim that by itself justifies the $10M verdict.

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Credit: Pool Efe

In fact, Depp’s court documents mention one of Johnny Depp’s representatives negotiating a $22.5 million deal for the sixth “Pirates of the Caribbean” film. The director, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, was all in and gushed about how much he wanted Johnny just before the Op-Ed was released.

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The attorneys claim that Johnny used specialists to demonstrate during the trial that his true loss totaled more than $40 million rather than just $10 million.