Kelly Brook Says She Is Worried About Her Family Living in America

Kelly Brook has said that she is concerned about the current status of America, particularly for her little nieces and nephews who live there.

In her 20s, the former model and actress lived in the USA and had appearances in movies like The Italian Job and TV episodes like Smallville. She later relocated to the UK, though, and now describes the situation in America as a “cause for concern.”

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As she collaborates with SlimFast for their Fakeaway campaign, Kelly told, “It was always such an amazing place – to go from England, to go to LA and make TV shows and films and live in the sunshine and go to the beach at weekends and just live this healthy, gorgeous lifestyle, it was always incredible.”

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“But America’s a weird place at the minute. I don’t quite know how I feel about it. Maybe it was always a weird place but I was young and didn’t see it so much… I just think there’s a lot to figure out there. I’ve got family, I’ve got nieces and nephews that are in school there. It’s very much a cause for concern to be honest.”

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