Kennedy Agyapong Vows Never To Forgive The NPP MPs Who Betrayed Him In The Presidential Primaries

Outspoken Ghanaian politician and business magnate, Kennedy Agyapong, expressed vehemently that he will never forgive the Members of Parliament who betrayed him during the recent New Patriotic Party’s presidential primaries.

Speaking in an interview with KSM, Agyapong acknowledged his bitterness and enduring resentment toward those MPs who turned against him.

While Agyapong indicated no issue with MPs choosing Vice President Dr. Bawumia over him, he took exception to the manner in which they voted against him. He emphasized that while everyone has their preferences, he found it particularly hurtful that individuals he had supported and mentored would desert him when he needed them most, resorting to derogatory language in the process.

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Agyapong clarified that his grievance isn’t solely about the betrayal but rather the disparaging remarks directed at him by individuals he had aided in their political careers. Despite acknowledging that everyone is entitled to their voting choice, he underscored his inability to forgive those who not only turned their backs on him but also insulted him during the primaries.

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Summing up his sentiments, Agyapong emphasized that his bitterness doesn’t stem from losing to the vice president but rather from the actions of individuals he had assisted. He made it clear that while he could accept not being voted for, he couldn’t overlook the hurtful insults hurled at him by former allies.

“It is not every MP who didn’t vote for me that I am angry at, no, everybody has a choice. But the very people who were my friends that I have helped to bring them to Parliament,” Kennedy Agyapong said during the interview.

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“It’s not the betrayal, but the bad things they said about me, that is where I have the problem. So, who says I’m not bitter? I am bitter, I am not because the vice president won, I am bitter because of the people that I have helped. If you are not going to vote for me, no problem but the insults. I can’t forgive them,” the outspoken Ghanaian politician and businessman added.