Kevin Guthrie Sex Assault Sentence Reduced After Winning Appeal

Kevin Guthrie has been released from prison after his sentence was reduced by the senior judges during an appeal on his sexual assault case.

The Scottish actor who starred in the film, Fantastic Beast was freed from prison after his sentence was reduced to 2-years from the 3-year jail sentence he had already received.

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Since he had already spent an equivalent of 2 years, Kevin Guthrie was immediately released.

Picture Credit: Instagram/Kevin Guthrie’s Fanpage

According to the judges, his previous non-criminal behavior and the impact of the whole scandal on his acting career should have been considered by the Sheriff before handing him the 3-year jail term.

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Kevin Guthrie was accused and charged with sexual assault by the Glasgow Sheriff Court for allegedly preying on a woman in September 2017.

Even though the actor maintained he was innocent all through the trial saying he was only helping the woman, the court convicted and registered him as a sex offender.

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