Kim Jung Gi Wikipedia, Cause of Death, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Children, Parents, Siblings, Funeral

Kim Jung Gi Wikipedia

Renowned cartoonist and comic book artist, Kim Jung Gi has died.

The South Korean artist was exhibiting his work in Paris when he experienced chest pains and was taken to the hospital where he died shortly after arrival.

Kim Jung Gi
Kim Jung Gi

Jung Gi was due to fly to New York to participate in Comic Con.
He is known for his live drawings that took him hours instead of weeks or months.

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Jung Gi was born in 1975 in Goyang-si, South Korea, and attended Dongeui University, Gaya Campus.

He died on 3 October 2022, age 47.

Kim Jung Gi Cause of Death

Although Jung Gi’s exact cause of death is yet to be revealed, he suffered chest pains prior to his death.

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Kim Jung Gi Age

Jung Gi was 47 years old at the time of his death.

Kim Jung Gi Net Worth

Jung Gi was estimated to be worth $16 million at the time of his death.

Kim Jung Gi Wife

It is not clear if Jung Gi had a wife at the time of his death.

Kim Jung Gi Children

There is no evidence that shows that Jung Gi had any children at the time he died.

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Kim Jung Gi Parents

Jung Gi’s parents’ identities are undisclosed as of now.

Kim Jung Gi Siblings

It is not known if Jung Gi had any siblings.

Kim Jung Gi Funeral

Jung Gi’s funeral is yet to be held.