“King Sark Said No Pressure, That Advice Should Have Been A Treasure”-Manasseh Azure Reacts To Shatta Wale’s Failed Publicity Stunt

A seasoned Ghanaian investigative journalist, Manasseh Azure, has stated that Shatta Wale could have used the Sarkodie “Advice” diss track to stop his reckless acts in Ghana.

In response to the current situation facing the dancehall artist who is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday, October 21, Manasseh Azure stated that people like Shatta Wale will take on any publicity stunt in order to make a name for themselves even if the stunt could cost them a lot of money and bring them to ridicule.

He also said that some celebrities from the country have been capable of being consistent with their professions and their work without pulling off such stunts, however their consistency can confuse others, which leads to the performers engaging in unnecessary acts to get the same results.

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Manasseh Azure also complained that, despite the fact that the law of this nation only favor the powerful, and occasionally under the leadership of the newly appointed Director General of Police Mr. George Akuffo Dampare, any foolishness has a limitation and therefore, criminals are expected to bear the full brunt of law, regardless of their position in the country.

Taking Facebook, he wrote; “King Sark said No PressureThat advice should have been a treasure for life is not a race everyone has their place but some would resort to anything for fame even if it would end in shame they use shortcuts to rise in the game but it takes more than noise to keep one’s name in their current state, they ought to be wistful but in their fleeting glory of yore, they are wishful in comparison with others’ success, they’re flattered but the consistency of others keeps them flustered So they’d do anything to rise even if it’s as inferior as “tugyimi” rice because trending is where their pride lies but now they’re cold like iceIn their antics, however, they should not lose sight That things are no longer loose, but tight We aren’t saints, but we must strive to do right It’s true that lawlessness is in our remitIt’s true that the powerful can even build without a permit But under Dampare, every foolishness has its limitDampare is large and in charge! And we’ve got to know What Time It Is! Now, the beginning of wisdom is a declaration to thyself: “I Know My Level.”

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See the screenshot below;

Source: Kingaziz.com

Source: Kingaziz.com