Leslie Griffith Cause Of Death: How Did Leslie Griffith Die?

American writer and journalist Leslie Ray Griffith has passed away.

Born on January 1, 1956, Leslie Griffith, worked for 25 years at KTVU in the San Francisco Bay Area, including as a news anchor.

Her career began in the newspaper business as a journalist for the Associated Press and the Denver Post.

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Leslie Griffith

In 1996, she became a weekend reporter and anchor at KTVU in Oakland, California. She became co-anchor of the Ten O’Clock News with Dennis Richmond in March 1996.

She was the sole anchor of the weekend news for nine years. She was in Moscow reporting on the Cold War on her 25th birthday. After 22 years, she resigned from the station in 2006.

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She continued to write for news publications, including The San Francisco Chronicle and The Huffington Post.

Leslie Griffith Cause Of Death: How Did Leslie Griffith Die?

Leslie Griffith died on August 10, 2022, in Lake Chapala, Mexico, of Lyme disease, which she had contracted in 2015; she moved to Mexico in 2016. She was 66.

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