Malawi Energy Minister Arrested Over Corruption Allegation

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Malawi’s Energy Minister, Newton Kambala, has been arrested over an alleged corrupt deal regarding contracts on oil supply.

According to the country’s Anti-Corruption Bureau, (ACB) the minister tried to manipulate the way in which contracts for the supply of oil in the country are awarded.

The Energy Minister didn’t attempt to influence the contracts alone as he had accomplices who are in the persons of President of the Alliance for Democracy party, Enoch Chihana and a Presidential adviser, Chris Chaima Banda. They have all been arrested too.

The ACB who says the other two men helped the Minister in the alleged deal said; “when he attempted to influence the award of the contract to supply 40,000 metric tons of fuel”.

Enoch Chihana in a post on his Facebook page noted that that talking to the ACB is a normal legal process that gives him an opportunity to clear his name.