Man Impregnates Twin Daughters Of The Woman He’s Dating

A man has reportedly impregnated the daughters of the woman he’s dating in Nigeria, and the issue has become topical online.

The mother of the twin sisters, Mrs. Alice Ukange has reportedly threatened to take her own life, saying the shame her boyfriend has brought to her and her daughters’ Philomina and Patricia is so overbearing that she sees death as the only solace for her right now.

Narrating the story, Alice said in part: “My name is Alice Ukange. I am a widow. I lost my husband here in Awe during the herdsmen/farmers crisis some years back. I met one Augustine Angwe in the course of my business. One thing led to another and we started dating ourselves.

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“He appeared to be gentle, humble and kind. I was carried away and I allowed my twins to be close to him. He took time and planted evil in my house by impregnating them. “They have now given birth. I allowed it because their father warned them not to do abortion and that they would die if they did.

“Augustine has finished me. He slept with me, slept with my twins and impregnated them, and they have given birth for him.

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“I am confused and have informed one of my late husband’s relatives and he too is speechless.

“Going to the police would not solve the problem as the damage has been done already. There is nothing the police can do, more so that Augustine is ever ready to take care of them. But the big question remains how a man would marry twin sisters.”

In other news, a Nigerian woman has eulogized farmers across the world in a heartwarming post she shared online.

Identified as Oge Nsimah on Facebook, the Real Estate Consultant in her series of #TheUncomfortableTruth posts on Facebook, expressed bitterness at people who think farming is a preserve of illiterates.

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She claimed that of all professions, farming is the most indispensable hence it’s important we accord farmers with maximum respect.

She wrote;

Stay away from people that think farming is for the uneducated.

You may go to a doctor once in a while,

visit the police station once in a while,

need a lawyer once in a while but you need a FARMER once you wake up on a daily basis…

Everything you eat all comes from a FARMER.