Matilda Asare Lands Herself In Big Trouble As Angry Ghanaians Roasts Her For Saying The Country Doesn’t Need Fixing

Actress and movie producer Matilda Asare has incurred the wrath of Ghanaians following a comment she made regarding fix the country movement.

According to Matilda there’s nothing to be fixed in the country because the system is working.

She cited doctors and nurses working without strike, teachers teaching without strike and students schooling smoothly as examples of why she believes the system is working.

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Matilda noted that if fix the country campaigners claim the country needs fixing then they must be more specific on what they want the government to fix and stop generalizing it.

Her comment has got many Ghanaians furious as they descend heavily on her on social media. Some Ghanaians have said that the actress is making all that comments about fix the country campaign because she is benefiting from the government. The number of Ghanaians who couldn’t control themselves fired her over her comments.

Check out the comments below;