Mental Health Is The Most Cruel, Invisible Disease – Louise Thompson Talks About Her PTSD Battle

Louise Thompson, who is still receiving treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder and post-natal anxiety, has shared an update on what she describes as the most chaotic year of her life.

The 32-year-old former Made in Chelsea star revealed she was now at home with her fiancé Ryan Libbey and their eight-month-old baby Leo and felt ready to talk about her experience after being taken back to the hospital last week.

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In a seven-minute video, Louise described the intrusive thoughts that plagued her while she was at her lowest point and explained how her “brain shut down as a result of nearly dying twice” during childbirth.


The television personality acknowledged that, at her worst times, she even wished that an aircraft would “crash into the home and obliterate us” and that, at that point, “all she could think about was death” since she believed it would be the quickest way to end the pain and suffering.

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Louise also mentioned how, due to her pre-pregnancy fight with ulcerative colitis, she was only two days away from having to have “life-changing” colon surgery during her recent hospital stay.

“I’ve already tried to do this video six times and I’ve just bawled hysterically. I’m here, I’m back home, I’m on a lot of medication. I was a couple of days away from having part of my colon removed and diverted through my stomach,” she added.

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