Mike Jones(Virgil) Cause of Death and Funeral

WWE fans are grieving the loss of Mike Jones, better known as Virgil throughout his career, who has died at the age of 61.

Mike Jones(Virgil) Cause of Death and Funeral

Mike Jones, who passed away on Wednesday, February 28, at the age of 61, had been struggling with dementia and had a history of strokes. He was recently hospitalized.

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The heartbreaking news was relayed by referee and close friend Mark Charles III through a Facebook post early Wednesday.

“It is with profound sadness that I announce the passing of Michael Jones, known to us as Virgil, Vincent, Soul Train Jones, and more,” Charles III penned. “Virgil peacefully passed away at the hospital this morning, and I kindly request your prayers for him and his family. May his memory endure!”

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Details regarding his funeral arrangements have not yet been released.

Mike Jones(Virgil) Career

Virgil achieved fame during the late 1980s and early 1990s, initially serving as Ted DiBiase’s bodyguard in WWE (formerly WWF), aiding him in matches. WWE scripted their partnership to deteriorate, culminating in the 1991 Royal Rumble, where Virgil defied DiBiase by refusing to hand him a championship belt, opting to knock him down instead. Later that year, he triumphed over DiBiase at SummerSlam to claim the Million Dollar Title.

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Additionally, Virgil was part of the nWo and spent a portion of the late 1990s competing in WCW.

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