Moesha Boduong’s Repentance Is Fake; It’s allegedly A Plot To Convince Her Rich Lover’s Family

The change of Moesha Boduong from being a slay Queen to a Born Again Christian is something most people still find it hard to believe.

Moesha has since been acting all holy, singing and Preaching and also dressing decently now. Yesterday the 27th of June, Moesha went for a church service at the Revelation church where she confessed all her sins and became a Born again Christians.

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image result of Moesha Boduong
Moesha Boduong

She even held a powerful song ministration where she prayed for the pastor and his wife and thanked them for welcoming her with an open arms.

However, the News currently circulating on social media indicates that Moesha Boduong is acting up impress the family of a rich man who has proposed marriage to her.

The reports also claim the family is not happy with Moesha Boduong because of her slay Queen lifestyle and that they really want to make things very difficult for her. so Moesha is also acting very smart just win them over for the marriage to work.