DJ Cuppy

Motherhood Is Exhausting – DJ Cuppy Laments Just A Few Days After Taking Care Of Her Babies

Just a few days after taking care of her babies Dundun and Funfun Otedola, DJ Cuppy has lamented over how exhausting motherhood is.

DJ Cuppy added two new members to the Otedola family by naming her babies (puppies) Dundun Otedola and Funfun Otedola but seems to be tired of being a mother to them for just a few days and has lamented over mothers being exhausting.

DJ Cuppy in an earlier post claimed that motherhood has changed her and that she’s going to even do a giveaway, something she has never done before on social media but is already tired of her babies claiming motherhood is exhausting.

Motherhood is indeed exhausting and that is why most kids love their mothers unconditionally because of the love and time devoted to taking care of them and DJ Cuppy is beginning to experience that but is already exhausted.

Aside from it being exhausting, motherhood is something almost every woman wishes to experience even if it’s once in her lifetime and DJ Cuppy seems to be enjoying herself as a mother even though she’s just practicing with her puppies.

Taking good care of her babies will make her a good mother when she eventually begins to have her own children even though there are certain things she would need to learn but she seems to be already exhausted with her puppies.

See the screenshot below;