‘My Boyfriend Is Very Good & Caring But His Bedroom Skills Is Not Good At All’ – Lady Says

According to this lady, her fiancee is a very good and caring man, however, he does not know how to make love and this is something that really bothers her.

She made this known in a letter she wrote to the popular relationship coach, Auntie Momoza and the post reads;

“Dear Rakgadi and cousins. I’d love to be anonymous.
I am dating this guy who happens to be my baby daddy. The problem is that I just don’t understand my guy when coming to our bedroom life. I don’t know if he doesn’t know how to do it or he just doesn’t care. According to him s*x is when he penetrates, do his up and down, sweat and cum. That’s a wonderful s*x for him. He just doesn’t care how I feel. Whether I felt him or enjoyed he seems not care, even if I keep quiet while he’s busy he doesn’t have a problem. For us there is no foreplay. And I hate that. I have sat him down and talked to him several times. He just doesn’t learn. He will do things right after talking to him then next time when we do it, he will do it terribly again. I am tired of talking to him.
I admit the guy has been so good to me. He’s been a taking a good care of me and the baby even during my pregnancy I was well treated. He’s that guy who will even drive me to the interview no matter how far the place is. He will even book hotels for me. And the guy is my guy xam, very clean and handsome and he so so sweet. The problem is our bedroom life nje. And he has a problem of weak erection. Sometimes when I want it his man down will not wanna be part of our game. Sometimes he will even be worse try and put his thing on me when it’s not even awake, when it’s too soft soft. The guy was like that at first but since he was treating me so well I decided to stay because I was willing to teach him how I want it and how I want to be touched. What I have realized about my guy is that he doesn’t know how to do it and worst part of it he just doesn’t care, he’s not even willing to learn. I love the guy I want us to raise our baby together but this problem confuses, please advise. I sometimes think I am the one with a problem because now I no longer feel him. Even when I try to be in control of the game.”

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Source: Kingaziz.com