Nayyara Noor Funeral, Pictures, Burial, Memorial Service, Date, Time, Venue

Nayyara Noor was born on 3 November 1950 in Guwahati, Assam, India.
She was a Pakistani playback singer who is regarded as one of her country’s most popular singers.

Noor did not have formal training in music but was discovered while she was in the university and singing to her friends. Professor Asrar Ahmad at the Islamia College in Lahore was the one who discovered her.

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Nayyara Noor
Nayyara Noor

She drew inspiration from Kanan Devi’s bhajans (a devotional song with religious themes and spiritual ideas). Noor sang for her university’s radio station, Radio Pakistan.

Noor was presented the Pride of Performance Award by the President of Pakistan in 2006 and has 3 Gold Medal Awards at the annual All Pakistan Music Conference concerts.
Nayyara Noor officially announced that she would no longer sing professionally after she got married.

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Nayyara Noor Funeral

Noor’s funeral was held on 21 August 2022.

Nayyara Noor Pictures

There are no pictures of her funeral yet.

Nayyara Noor Burial

Noor was buried on 21 August 2022.

Nayyara Noor Memorial Service

Noor’s memorial service was held on 21 August 2022.

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Nayyara Noor Date

Noor’s funeral date was 21 August 2022.

Nayyara Noor Time

Noor’s funeral was held on the morning of 21 August 2022.

Nayyara Noor Venue

Noor was laid to rest in the Phase VIII graveyard.