Chris Rock

Nicole Brown Simpson’s Sister Calls Out Chris Rock Over O.J. Joke

The family of the late Nicole Brown Simpson is coming after Chris Rock for passing a joke about her while speaking on why he rejected an offer to host the 2023 Academy Awards at a recent show.

Nicole Brown’s sister Tanya Brown revealed to TMZ that not only was Chris Rock’s joke unfunny, but it also makes no logical sense at all. She added that making the comparison between receiving a slap at the Oscars and a horrific double killing is illogical and lacks a fundamental connection.

Chris Rock
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She also pointed out that Chris Rock’s joke was very distasteful and offensive to Nicole’s surviving family. She went on to caution anybody out there who might be thinking about doing the same thing to remember that Nicole has surviving family members who are still dealing with her passing.

The entire drama was caused by a recent revelation by CR who said that returning to the stage to host the prestigious awards at the Oscars is similar to asking him to return to the crime scene of his woes.