Okada Rider Shot In The Chest At Adansi Brekete, Ashanti Region

An okada rider only identified as Jacob has reportedly survived some gunshots after he was being attacked by some armed robbers at Adansi Brekete in the Adansi South District of the Ashanti Region.

According to reports, one of the suspected robbers engaged the services of the okada rider to be taken to Akim Ekyereso in the Eastern region.

As they were going, the suspected robber asked the rider to use a different turn in order for him to pick up some plantains by the roadside.

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Unknown to the rider, there was an accomplice waiting for them at the roadside to complete their mission. Upon reaching the spot, the accomplice pulled out a gun and asked the rider to come down off the motorbike.

He was asked by the masked robber to raise his hands so he can be searched but he refused and due to that, he was asked to choose between life and death.

The okada rider managed to run off into a nearby bush leaving his motorbike to the robbers but he took the remote to the motorbike along.

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The okada rider was said to have engaged the engine of the bike using the remote whenever the suspected robbers attempted to move it away. The armed robbers then realized that the okada man is operating the motorbike remotely.

The rider then came out of the bushes to confront the robbers and in the process engaged in a physical fight with them which ended up with his removing the mask of one of the robbers.

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This enraged the suspect, who reportedly fired shots at him, but the rider, who is said to be possessed of black magic, escaped with only minor injuries.

He was rushed to the hospital but later discharged for herbal treatment at home.

However, the suspect who had his mask removed was identified as a resident of the community and was later arrested by the police.

Source: Kingaziz.com