Peter Doocy Salary, Net Worth, House

Peter James Doocy is a 34-year-old White House correspondent for Fox network, who was born on 21 July 1987.

His father, Steve Doocy, is a co-host of Fox & Friends. Peter has a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Villanova University.

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He worked an intern with Fox News whiles in college as a reporter. After leaving college, Peter was employed by Fox News where it was based in New York and Chicago before moving to Washington, D.C.

Peter Doocy
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He exclusively interviewed Robert J. O’Neil, the former NAVY SEAL who made claims that he fired the shot that downed the then leader of the Al Qaeda, Osama bin Ladin. That interview garnered the highest rating in the history of Fox News.

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Peter Doocy was named White House correspondent by Fox Now in 2021.

Peter Doocy Salary, Net Worth, House

Peter Doocy is reported to earn a salary of $100,000.00 and is worth $500,000.00 to $2 million.

Details of where Doocy lives are unknown as of now.

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