Philip Baker Hall Obituary (1931 – 2022)

Philip Baker Hall was an American actor. He starred in leading roles in films, such as Secret Honor, Hard Eight, and Duck, although he is known primarily as a prolific character actor.

His other supporting roles in films include ones in Say Anything…, Boogie Nights, The Contender, Zodiac and Argo, The Truman Show, and Magnolia.

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Philip Baker Hall

Hall starred in Paul Thomas Anderson’s short film Cigarettes & Coffee, which was adapted into Anderson’s directorial debut film Hard Eight.

For the film, Hall played a senior gambler who mentors a homeless man (John C. Reilly).

“Here is another great performance. He is a man who has been around, who knows casinos and gambling, who finds himself attached to three people he could easily have avoided, who thinks before he acts,” Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times said about Hall.

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Philip Baker Hall Obituary (1931 – 2022)

Philip Baker Hall was born on September 10, 1931, in Toledo, Ohio, United States.

He passed away on June 12, 2022, at the age of 90.