Phillip Schofield Parents: Brian Schofield, Pat Schofield

Philip Schofield started as a fifteen years old boy at Hospital Radio Plymouth.
Even at such a young age, Phillip was determined to grow so he got himself a job with the British Broadcasting Corporation as a bookings clerk and tea boy.

Phillip Schofeild
Phillip Schofeild

Schofield moved up the ladder to become a continuity presenter for Children’s BBC.
He was 19 when his family moved to New Zealand, where Phillip will land his first television job as the presenter of the youth music program Shazam!

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But who are his parents? Let us take a look at who Phillip Schofield’s parents are.

Phillip Schofield Parents: Brian Schofield, Pat Schofield

Brian Schofield and Pat Schofield are the parents of Phillip Schofield.
It is not known when and how Brian and Pat met but they had two children from their union which lasted until Brian died in 2008.
Brian died of a heart attack.

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They had two children; Phillip Schofield and his brother Tim Schofield.

Pat Schofield on the other hand is alive and doing well.
She lives in Cornwall and is 85 years old.