Psalm Adjeteyfio Biography: Wife, Age, Children, Taxi Driver, Sickness, Movies

Psalm Adjeteyfio Biography, Wikipedia, Career, Wife, Age, Children, Son, Taxi Driver, Sickness, Movies, Family, Parents, Siblings, Hometown, Death of the veteran Ghanaian actor.

Psalm Adjeteyfio Biography, Wikipedia, Career, Movies, Hometown, Taxi Driver

Psalm Adjeteyfio, also known as T.T, was a Ghanaian actor who has featured in movies and videos, including The Chosen One, Ultimate Paradise, Taxi Driver, A Stab In The Dark, James Town Fisherman, Expectations, and My Heart, Dark Sand.

He is best known for the lead character T.T in the Ghanaian TV series Taxi Driver.

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He is a Ga who is an ancestor of the Ga-Adangbe tribe that is found in the coast of the Greater Accra Region.

TT started his career as a professional teacher.

He worked at the PRESEC staff schools, where the students were taught by Ga.

Then he moved into acting, which is how his popularity grew.

Psalm Adjeteyfio Biography: Wife, Age, Children, Taxi Driver, Sickness, Movies
Psalm Adjeteyfio

Psalm Adjeteyfio Wife & Children

The veteran actor was married to his lovely wife with children, but decided to leave her and chase a demon, in his words.

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I left my matrimonial home and followed this lady to Cape Coast to seek greener pastures. I didn’t know I was going after a demon,” he revealed in an interview.

Adjetefio said his children were maltreated by the woman, making him have a difficult relationship with them as adults.

Psalm Adjeteyfio Parents & Siblings

The veteran actor remained silent on his family. Hence, our efforts to find out more about his parents and siblings came to no avail.

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Psalm Adjeteyfio Sickness

Adjetefio suffered an enlarged heart in his old age. The condition rendered him sick for several years now and eventually lead to his death.

Psalm Adjeteyfio Age & Death

Born in 1948, Psalm Adjeteyfio died in April 2022, at the age of 74 a result of complications due to heart failure.