Radio Presenter Begs KiDi To Feature Kurl Songx In Order To Revive His Almost Dead Career

Radio personality with Angel FM, Ike De Unpredictable has begged KiDi to use his Midas Touch to revive the dead career of fellow product of MTN Hitmaker, Kurl Songx.

Recall that KiDi, Kuame Eugene, Mr Drew and Kurl Songx are all products of the reality show, MTN Hitmaker but aside from the rest who are still relevant and making it big in the mainstream, Kurl Songx has seen his career plummeted.

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It’s on this note that when Ike hosted KiDi recently on Angel FM, he begged him to help Songx so he bounces back.

“Kurl Songx is very good and I will like to see him going far than where he is right now. I will be glad if you (KiDi) will do a feature with Kurl Songx to bring him back to the limelight,” Ike De Unpredictable said.

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The Lynx entertainment star obliged to do just that and even added that the beauty of solidarity is when they help each other in that in times like this.

“We are in the industry to help each other and I don’t know when I will need Kurl Songx help so I will feature with him very soon so Ghanaians should expect something big from Kurl Songx and KiDi,” KiDi said.

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