Ranks In Ghana Immigration Service and Salary Structure

Ranks In Ghana Immigration Service and Salary Structure: The Ghana Immigration Service has a clear hierarchy which begins with the highest-ranking officer, and then descends to its most junior officer.

The Comptroller General of Immigration services has the top ranking, and the rank symbol that is worn by the Comptroller general of Immigration services includes four symbols and lapel badges. The official Cap of the Comptroller General of Immigration features double laurel leaves, as well as an official GIS logo.

Below are the ranks in Ghana immigration service.

Ranks In Ghana Immigration Service

  1.  Comptroller — General of Immigration
  2.  Deputy Comptroller — General of Immigration
  3. Commissioner of Immigration
  4. Deputy Commissioner of Immigration
  5. Assistant Commissioner of Immigration
  6. Chief Superintendent of Immigration
  7. Superintendent of Immigration
  8. Deputy Superintendent of Immigration
  9. Assistant Superintendent of Immigration
  10. Inspector
  11. Assistant Inspector
  12. Immigration Control Officer
  13. Assistant Immigration Control Officer I
  14. Assistant Immigration Control Officer II

Ghana Immigration Service Salary Structure

The Ghana Immigration Service pay its employees based on the recently introduced Single Spine Salary Structure, which was introduced in the year 2010 by the late former president, Prof. John Evans Atta Mills.

The pay at GIS is also determined by the rank of an employee. The amount you receive is contingent on your rank. Recruits with higher education than WASSCE or SSCE are paid more than those with WASSCE or SSCE.

The salary for Ghana Immigration Service personnel is estimated at Ghc1500 per month.