Ranvir Singh jokes she’s ‘perked up’ as nudist poses for life drawing live On Good Morning Britain

Ranvir Singh and her fellow Good Morning Britain co-hosts. had a blast this morning as a nude man stopped by to pose for a life sketch.

Adrian was posing entirely naked with only a Good Morning Britain sign covering his modesty on Thursday morning, shocking ITV viewers who tuned in.

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Picture Credit: Rex Features

Four senior visitors were painting behind him as they participated in the program’s debate about whether to use life drawings to improve residents’ mental health in nursing homes.

Former Strictly Come Dancing contestant Ranvir commented that everyone was in a good mood because of their extremely naked guest, adding, “I think it’s perked everyone in the studio already and we’re not even painting.”

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Picture Credit: ITV

The hosts were worried about the warmth in the studio, but Adrian was a good sport and kept his place even though the host occasionally passed some funny comments with Sean continuously laughing throughout the session.

Source: Kingaziz.com

Source: Kingaziz.com