Raye Siblings: Meet Her Sisters Lauren Keen, Abby Keen, Katelyn Keen

Learn more Raye siblings, what you need to know about the three sisters of the British singer, songwriter and producer as we delve into her family.

Born on October 24, 1997, in Tooting, London, Rachel Agatha Keen, known professionally as Raye, made history by winning six out of seven nominations, including the prestigious Artist of the Year award at the BRIT Awards in March 2024. This accomplishment established a fresh record for the highest number of awards earned by an artist in a single evening in the annals of the BRIT Awards.

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Raye Siblings: Meet Her Sisters Lauren Keen, Abby Keen, Katelyn Keen

Raye has three sisters who played pivotal roles in her life and musical journey. Lauren Keen, Abby Keen, and Katelyn Keen are the siblings of Raye.

Abby Keen

Abby Lynn Keen, often recognized as aB Keen, or Absolutely by her stage name, showcases remarkable talent as a singer-songwriter. The collaborative effort between Abby and Raye culminated in the captivating track “Love Me Again,” where Abby’s creative energy melds seamlessly with Raye’s musical brilliance. Abby is active on Instagram with the username @the.absolutely.

Lauren Keen

Yet another talented sister, Lauren Keen, has achieved a noteworthy milestone in her career as a skilled writer. Their father, Paul Keen, expressed his overwhelming pride on Instagram @paulkeen_ when Lauren attained her inaugural Top 40 hit as a writer. It was a momentous victory, signifying the first occasion where the RAYE sisters collectively dominated the UK Top 40 charts. Lauren is also active on Instagram with the username @laurenkeen_.

Katelyn Keen

Raye’s youngest sister, Katelyn Keen, contributes her own unique brilliance to the family’s musical journey. Active on Instagram under the username @katelynkeen, Katelyn symbolizes the unyielding bond and steadfast support that defines their remarkable family.

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