Real Names Of These 7 Nollywood Actors You Probably Did Not Know

Your favourite Nollywood actors you have grown to love and admire may just have not revealed everything you need to know about them. That could even be their real names.

You will be kidding yourself if you think Kanayo O. Kanayo is the real name of the popular Nollywood actor or you should be lying to yourself to think and believe that Jim Iyke is actually using his real name.

Pseudonyms, pen names, and stage names are all common in the entertainment industry. A number of popular entertainers, musicians, writers, and actors use stage names for a variety of reasons ranging from better branding to privacy.

Sometimes these stage names become so well-known that audiences mistakenly believe that an act’s stage name is their real name, when in fact it is not.

In this edition of Celebrities Life & Fact, we’ll be counting down 7 Nollywood Actors You Didn’t Know Have Been Using Stage Names all along. Their real names will be revealed.

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Saka, a popular Nigerian entertainer, is a Nollywood actor and comedian who goes by a stage name. While many people recognize Saka’s face almost instantly, few people know him by name.

Afeez Oyetoro is Saka’s real name. Saka, as many people know, is just his stage name.

Okey Bakassi, a Nigerian comedian and Nollywood actor, identifies by his stage name.  While many people identify him as Okey Bakassi, his real name is not anywhere close to that.

Okechukwu Anthony Onyegbule is Okey Bakassi’s real name. Okey, as many people know, is just his stage name.

Frank Donga, a Nigerian comedian and Nollywood actor who rose to prominence after appearing in the popular web series The Interview on Ndani TV, uses a stage name. His real name is completely different from what many identify him with.  

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Kunle Idowu is actor Frank Donga’s real name. It is still unclear why he uses a completely different name, Frank Donga.

Saint Obi, the veteran Nollywood actor who ruled the screens for so long before disappearing. However, the name Saint Obi is not actually his real name or identity. 

Obinna Nwafor is actor Saint Obi’s real name. The Obi was an abridged version of Obinna, but where the Saint came from is unknown.

Nollywood’s loverboy, Jim Iyke has been using a stage name all along which many have come to know and identify him with. It is a rather shocking revelation that Jim Iyke is not his real name.

It means Jim Iyke is not Jim Iyke. Lol!

What is Jim Iyke’s real name? James Ikechukwu Esomugha is Jim Iyke’s real name. That is his official identity.

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Nigerian Yoruba actor Baba Suwe has not been using his real name for the stage. The experienced actor has kept his real name from p[public knowledge since the stage name has fetched him much fame and appeal.

Babatunde Omidina is Baba Suwe’s real name.

Kanayo O. Kanyo is arguably the most decorated Nollywood actor of his generation. His name speaks a lot about the roles he plays in movies and his overall personality.

Can we separate Kanayo o. Kanayo from the man? Well, Kanayo o Kanayo is not his real name. He has been using this stage name for years and many have come to identify him with it.

However, Kanayo O Kanyo’s real name is Anayo Modestus Onyekwere. At least, we can get an understanding of where the Kanayo came from.