Regina Daniel Receives A Brand New Car As A Valentine’s Gift From Her Husband

Nigerian actress and producer Regina Daniels, who is also a mother of two, was gifted a new car by her billionaire husband, Ned Nwoko, as a Valentine’s Day present.

Valentine’s Day became even more memorable for the renowned Nigerian actress Regina Daniels, who received an extravagant gift from her spouse.

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The actress was pleasantly surprised to find a sleek black Lexus jeep parked in their home’s foyer when she woke up.

Ned Nwoko, known for his lavish gestures towards his wife, added this car to the array of gifts he has bestowed upon her.

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Regina took to social media to share her joy and gratitude for her husband’s considerate gesture, posting glimpses of both the interior and exterior of her new car.

In her post, she expressed how beautiful Valentine’s Day always is in their home, where they shower each other with love and affection.

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She also expressed her happiness and renewed love for her husband and father of her two children.