Renaissance Is The First Part Of A Three-Act Project – Beyoncé Confirms

Beyoncé is still in the game and will not be living anytime soon as she has confirmed that her first album in six years, Renaissance is the first of a three-act project.

The singer sent a note to her website on Thursday referring to the upcoming album as a “three-act project.”

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Beyoncé reiterated in her letter that the album’s composition took three years and a lot of dedication including working during the epidemic. She referred to the period of working on the album as a “time to be still, but also a time I found to be the most creative.”

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Credit: Getty Images

The new album hinted at the idea of a three-part project right from the start of its announcement after the singer referred to it as Act I in mid-June. Little is known about how the three pieces will be split, including whether or not they will continue to fall under Renaissance or if they will have other names.

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