Richard Engel Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth, Salary, Education, Height, Weight, Wife Age, Kids

Richard Engel Wikipedia

Richard Engel was 16 September 1973 in New York City.
He is an American journalist and author and the chief foreign correspondent for NBC News.

Engel who was dyslexic attended the Riverdale Country School in New York. He spent his junior year of high school in Italy and became fluent in Italian. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in international relations from Stanford. While he was at Stanford he did periodic write-ups for The Stanford Daily.

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Richard Engel
Richard Engel

Engel started his journalism career as a freelance reporter in Cairo, Egypt for four years; he learned Egyptian Arabic while there. He then became a correspondent for The World, a new magazine that was produced by the BBC World Service and Public Radio International

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On December 13, 2012, Engel and his five crew members, Aziz Akyavaş, Ghazi Balkiz, John Kooistra, Ian Rivers, and Ammar Cheikh Omar, were abducted in Syria.

Richard Engel Age

Engel is 48 years old.

Richard Engel Net Worth

Engel is estimated to be worth $1 million.

Richard Engel Salary

Engel’s salary is currently undisclosed.

Richard Engel Education

Engel studied for his bachelor’s degree at Stanford University.

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Richard Engel Height

Engel is 6 feet tall.

Richard Engel Weight

Engel weighs 60 kilograms.

Richard Engel Wife Age

Engel’s wife, Mary Forrest is 44 years old.

Richard Engel Kids

Engel had two sons; Henry Engel and Theo Engel. Unfortunately, he lost Henry on 18 August 2022 at age 6.