Richard Taruskin Wife: Was Richard Taruskin Married?

Richard Filler Taruskin was an American musicologist and music critic who was born on April 2, 1945, in New York, New York, United States

He was among the leading and most prominent music historians of his generation.

The breadth of his scrutiny into source material as well as musical analysis that combines sociological, cultural, and political perspectives, has incited much discussion, debate, and controversy.

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Richard Taruskin

He regularly wrote music criticism for newspapers like The New York Times. He researched a wide variety of topics, but a central topic was the Russian music of the 18th century to the present day.

Other subjects he engaged with include the theory of performance, 15th-century music, 20th-century classical music, nationalism in music, the theory of modernism, and analysis.

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He is best known for his monumental survey of Western classical music, the 6-volume Oxford History of Western Music.

Richard Taruskin Wife: Was Richard Taruskin Married?

Taruskin passed away on July 1, 2022, in Oakland, Calif, California, at the age of 77.

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Cathy Roebuck was the wife of the late Richard Taruskin. The couple married in the year1984, and they were still together as husband and wife until the death of the American musicologist.

Cathy Roebuck is a computer programmer at Berkeley and lives in El Cerrito, Calif.