Robbie Williams’ Dad Breaks Spine After Nasty Fall Due To Parkinson’s Disease

Pete Conway, the father of Robbie Williams, was taken to the hospital right away after suffering a spine fracture in a terrible fall.

The 72-year-old comic informed his followers on social media about his fall and provided a justification for his Tuesday visit to the emergency room.

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Picture Credit: Twitter/@poppapete299

The Stoke-on-Trent native posted photos of himself tied to a stretcher in the back of an ambulance, grinning at the camera while dressed in a hospital gown and mask.

In a second photo, the well-known father could be seen posing alongside the two paramedics who had helped him during the fall, which he said was caused by Parkinson’s disease.

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Picture Credit: Twitter/@poppapete299

“Yesterday I had a fall and broke a bone in my spine..(yes, it hurts)… and I spent all day today in hospital. I’ve had better days. #Parkinsons is a nuisance,” he captioned his tweet while updating his followers on Twitter.